Recognized for its stability and effectiveness for 10 years, High Speed Hair Color 1 Minute


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Only 1 Minute ! No Ammonia!  

Many people complain of headaches due to their unique ammonia.
It will also be most products that require you to apply hair dye for at least 30 minutes for a long time.

But high-speed one-minute hair dye is not only available in Korea but also in the United States.S.
It's the first product to get a patent that allows you to dye your hair in a minute.
It's simple and easy to brush your hair and apply it in 1 minute.
Your gray hair is glossy and you can dye it into the color you want.
It's a groundbreaking dye.

Also, the representative natural vegetable ingredients protect your hair
It is loved by adding a glossy hair treatment effect.

If you dye your hair, it damages your hair and causes headaches and allergies with the smell of ammonia.
It's the best dye that completely overturned common sense.

Consumers' opinions that once used, other products cannot be used are as follows.
Above all, there are many reviews that it is a safe product, a convenient product, and a simple product.

The craze, which began with Koreans in the U.S., has spread to China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and African-American

It is a widespread situation.






  1. Squeeze color cream and the same amount of develper on the given brush (1:1 ratio)
  2. Begin applying on gray hair and the rest of area completely and evenly as desired.
  3. Leave it on for 1 min to achieve optimum shade of color or wait longer for darker shade.
  4. You may rinse with warm water thoroughly until the water runs clear.
  5. Style and Enjoy



q1 hair color


  • 1 Color Cream
  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Brush




Main Ingredients

  • Acorus Calamus root extract
  • Olive Fruit Oil
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Squid Ink (100mg)



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