Why Apple Mint Shampoo Helps Relieve Hair Loss Symptoms?

apple mint shampoo



One of the things that relieves hair loss is... It is to reduce the temperature of the scalp.

For oily scalp, if you leave the scalp heat that promotes sebum production,
It easily turns into a scalp where germs reproduce.
If you don't take good care of your sebum and waste products, you'll get seborrheic scalp inflammation.
It can develop and is a direct cause of hair loss.







The ingredient of apple mint, "Mentha", is because it relieves scalp heat and antioxidants, Helps soothe and relieve skin trouble.


Also, the Piroctone Olamine in apple mint shampoo

It suppresses excess sebum and relieves dandruff and itching.
It balances the oil and moisture of your scalp.



We introduce NINEMILA Apple Mint Shampoo that helps prevent hair loss and relieve symptoms.

Nanoparticle technology applied to NINEMILA Shampoo is a patented

technology that helps good ingredients absorb without just washing away.

It is a patented technology that enables better nutrition to the scalp and hair as it can survive protein 50 for three weeks with just one shampoo.

In addition, foam with a high-density texture with excellent adsorption adsorbs on dead skin cells and dandruff blocking scalp pores to cleanly remove waste.

It contains only EWG green grade components by using ph5.5 acidity that minimizes scalp irritation and removing 10 harmful ingredients.
It can be used safely from children to pregnant women.

Change shampoo for your hair's health and environment.




50,000ppm (5%) apple mint extract soothes the stressed scalp and provides a fresh, vibrant sensation to it. 

It provides a cooling effect to the scalp and deep cleanses it to maintain moisture and oil balance for oily scalp. Naturally derived extracts offer nutrition and


hydration to scalp.





apple mint shampoo

1. Includes 50,000ppm (5%) apple mint extract
2. Scalp cooling effect / Deep Cooling
3. Water and oil balance for oily scalp
4. 99% EWG Green grade
5. Naturally derived surfactants
6. Includes a patented collagen ingredient (Patent number: 10-1915626)
7. Scalp nourishing technology
8. Mildly acidic shampoo for sensitive scalp
9. Allergy-free fragrance used


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