The Evolution of Cica Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin in-between Seasons

I think everyone who is interested in beauty knows this CICA cream!
Cica cream is a cream that improves damaged skin faster
and helps soothe the skin.
You can calm down the blemish spots on your face.
If you apply it to dry skin, you can feel that the skin becomes moist
and the skin texture improves.
What is CICA?

There are two origins in the meaning of Cica.
The first thing to call "Centella Asiatica," which is well-known for its excellent disease grass for wound healing, was to shorten it to "Chika."

cica cosmetic
Why Your Skin Needs It
cica recommend
1. For those who want to calm down sensitive skin
2. For those who want to moisturize dry skin
3. For those who want to improve dull skin tone
4. For those who want elastic and lively skin5.
5. For those who want to keep skin lively

Renewal / Calm down

Collagen synthesis

Wound healing,


Pigmentation inhibition

Why is CICA good for skin?

Cica cream can improve skin soothing faster when applied to fine scratches, pimples, and pimples.

It also helps whitening and is not expensive.
If you have sensitive and sensitive skin, it is also good to apply
Cica cream constantly.

The second thing that comes from the Latin word "cicatrix," which means "wound."

The combination of these two is called "Chika," meaning it helps repair scars.

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