1 Minute_Hi Speed Squid Ink Hair Color #6 Dark Brown


1 Minute_Hi Speed Squid Ink Hair Color #6 Dark Brown / Ammonia Free

Hi-Speed 1 Min Hair Color Chart

  •     No 55  Wine Brown 
  •     No 5    Natural  Brown
  •     No 6    Dark Brown
  •     No 7    Natural Black 
  •     No 77  Real Black
  •     No 8    Mild Brown

  • Ammonia Free
  • So Fast (Only 1 minute)
  • So Easy (Simply Brush)
  • So Natural (Botanical ingredients / Ammonia Free)
  • Patent in USA(U.S. 7416566) & Korea(10-0633439)
  • Product displays the date of manufactured instead of displaying experation date and it is ok to use for 36 months from the date displayed on the product


 1. Squeeze color cream and the same amount of developer on the given brush (1:1 ratio) 2. Begin applying on gray hair and the rest completely and evenly 3. Leave color on 1 minute for optimum shade of color. Wait longer for darker shade. 4. Adding warm water, rinse the color off from your hair. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. 5. Style and enjoy.


Made in Korea


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