• Ultra-Fine Dust(PM2.5)/ Infection and Virus
  • Adult face masks . Compact and comfortable design. 
  • Puritas 3 Double mask 
  • adult face masks . Compact and comfortable design.
  • Amazingly Just Fit to your face !
Why Should you choose Puritas 3 Double Masks?
* Hygienic and worry-free production
Fully automated end to end manufacturing process ensures highest level of hygiene and free of contamination.

* Certified in accredited laboratories
Tested and achieved high standard and quality by accredited Korea government AirClean laboratory.

* No fogging and slipping during wear
Specialised design and material to prevent fogging and slipping.

* Breathable 3D hard shell filter
Renowned DuPont filter with three-dimensional structure allows easy breathing and comfortable wearing. Mask is NOT touching wearer's lip.

* No skin irritation for prolonged wearing

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