PR4 H.ECM Concentrate AB Relief 2 Weeks Program 

Intensive care Moisture calming  수분 진정 집중관리

Intensive skincare program for soothing skin sensitized after a treatment.

Intensive oil-water balance stabilizing program with H.ECM TM, to help hydrate and soothe the skin damaged* by external irritation, such as skin treatment

1. Irritation soothing & moisturizing.

2. Damage relief.

3. Oil-moisture balance Stabilizing


Solution Ingredients -H.ECM TM

Proteoglycan- Hyaluronic acid linking and collagen boosting

Hydrolyzed  Collagen- Skin protection and moisturizing coat

Hyaluronic Acid-Skin soothing and moisture lock-in


Special Ingredients- Concentrate AB Relief

Guaiazulene -Skin soothing and oil-water balancing

Vitamin B5- Skin protection and stress relief

Ceramide 3 - Skin barrier strengthening and moisturizing stratum corneum

Remarkable power concentrated in a single capsule!

Freeze-dry capsulation quickly freezes the components and dries only the moisture

without any loss of the original benefits, to deliver the highly concentrated active ingredients in a fresh condition.

O% Purified water, Preservation free, Highly concentrated capsule

Clinical Derma Test

Skin irritation tested EXCELLENT graded



1. Open one capsule at the first step of the skincare routine after cleansing and put it on the mixing tray.

2. Dispense Concentrate Ampoule 4~5 times to drop 2ml onto the capsule on the mixing tray then use the silicone brush to mix them well.

3. Once the mixture turns into fluid, apply it to the face avoiding the are around eyes and mouth using the silicone brush until it can be absorbed by the skin.


Tip Use a silicone brush for sensitive skin

The silicone brush is optimized for spreading the Blending ampoule formula in an even and thin layer without clumping, and presents a safe hypoallergenic skincare similar to the level of a professional touch.