Malie Korean Face Mask Sheet Pack 160PCS (16PCSx10)

  • About this item

    • Abundant serum helps to keep moisturizing your face.
    • 16 Types : 1.Aloe 2.Aqua 3.Coenzyme Q10 4.Collagen 5.Cucumber 6.Green Tea 7.Pearl 8.Placenta 9.Pomegranate 10.Potato 11.Red Ginseng 12.Royal Jelly 13.Seaweed 14.Snail 15.Stem Cell 16.Vitamin
    • Excellent adhesion and soft texture make your skin feel relaxed.
    • NEW FORMULAR : NO PARAPEN , Do not contain any type of paraben. 100% MADE IN KOREA for Excellent Quality
    • For Customization : Place sellect SELLER FULLFILL listing and leave a message.

    Product Description

    64 Pcs Ultra Hydrating Essence Masks [16types x 4] :
    1. COLLAGEN-promote regeneration of skin from has the effect of activating the metabolism
    2. ALOE-Help the cirulation of the blood. Help cellular reconstruction and promote discharging waste from the skin.
    3. GREEN TEA-Polyphenol in green tea keeps your skin clean by soothing skin.
    4. CUCUMBER-cool down and relax stimilated skin under ultraviolet rays.
    5. COENZYME Q10-"Q10" Keep your skin moist with helping skin-turnover,"Q10" Keeps your skin vital with supply water and nourishment.
    6. RED GINSENG-Flavonoids contained in red ginseng extract, smoothes and cleans skin
    7. VITAMIN-essence to enhance skin clarity and improve skin health.
    8. PEARL-keep your skin soft and moist. The amino acid and the mineral in the pearl makes your skin bightly with whiteing effect.
    9. ROYAL JELLY-good for skin aging delaying and promote collagen formation allow to maintain skin elasticity.
    10. STEM CELL- Plant stem cell nourishes and leaves your face a bright and healthy complexion.
    11. POMEGRANATE-extract gives a smooth, moist skin Prepares skin clean and astringent effect without the skin elasticity superior crystal clear.
    12. AQUA-Sodium hyaluronate is powerful moisture barrier that enhances hydration and replenishes moisture and vitality to tired dry skin.
    13. SNAIL-extract deliver immediate moisture and nutrition to the skin to help the recovery of injured skin by offering a refreshing and moisturizing.
    14. POTATO-extract moisturize skin damaged by UV rays. Nutritional content make your skin feel soft and smooth
    15. PLACENTA-Plant based placenta suppress melanic pigment also good for revitalizing fibroblast to promotcell division.
    16. SEAWEED-Seaweed pack a large amount of water and mineralto dry skin to smooth skin elasticity and vitality

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